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As one of the oldest and most respected practices in the region, we have united an elite group of doctors with various strengths and chiropractic specialties.

Established over seventy-five years ago, our practice continues to grow as we stay abreast of new advances in chiropractic treatment. We are committed to continually expanding our knowledge and skills to bring added value to the care we give.

The Team Approach

Our office employs a team approach in the care of our patients. We attempt to assure each patient their choice of doctor for each visit, however from time to time scheduling conflicts and emergencies may result in being cared for by another doctor. Case discussions, as well as case records, help to insure continuity of care in these instances.

Our staff members are highly qualified personnel who have been specifically selected to assist you with scheduling, billing, therapy, and other procedures. They are as dedicated to your well-being as are our doctors.


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