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Study: Back-related leg pain improved with chiropractic therapy 
A study in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that patients suffering from back-related leg pain experienced more short-term relief when they received chiropractic services in addition to exercise and advice, than with exercise and advice alone. "This combination resulted in advantages in pain reduction, disability, global improvement, satisfaction, medication use and general physical health status after 12 weeks,” said study leader Gert Bronfort. Patients who received chiropractic therapy were still doing better than the other group nine months after treatment.Reuters (9/15)

DCs are logical starting point for musculoskeletal issues 
The modern chiropractic profession offers safe and effective care and is a logical place to start for many musculoskeletal conditions, which can benefit from a hands-on approach. The Medical Back Pain Program of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, for example, employs a DC as medical director and other DCs in the clinic and emergency department. Wicked Local/Harvard (9/11)

Combination of sitting, standing may reduce pain, study says 
An Australian study found that workers who switched between sitting and standing every 30 minutes were less tired and had less back and leg pain, compared with when they sat at their desks all day. The study in the journal Occupational & Environmental Medicine, which included overweight and obese workers, found people had better focus while seated, but there was a trend toward increased productivity in the group that alternated sitting and standing. Business Insider/Reuters (9/12)

DCs part of wellness team at golf's U.S. Open 
At this year's U.S. Open Golf Tournament, 30 DCs joined massage therapists, athletic trainers and hyperbaric-chamber technicians as part of a wellness team to care for players, volunteers and support staff. One of the team's volunteers was the ACA's immediate past president, Keith Overland, DC, who noted that the conditions he saw at the Open were similar to those he encountered on a typical work day. "The only difference is, when you treat athletes, they're interested in an aggressive treatment that gets them back to their sport as soon as possible," he said. ACA News (9/2014)

DC discusses proper sleeping positions 
Sleeping position is as important to health as walking posture, according to DC Sean Oquist. The ACA says sleeping on the stomach should be avoided, as it can lead to spine damage and while back sleeping is preferred, side sleeping with proper support is also acceptable. The Lamar Ledger (Colo.) (9/25)

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